Editing and Post Blog Vol. 1

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An introduction:

I was told when writing a blog that I should open up with a funny or quirky paragraph and seeing as this is my first attempt at one I thought I would give it a go. Here it is.

My name is William Owen, but you may call me “(insert any expletive here)”. I would love to have you believe that I maybe the worlds only editing diva but I would just be lying. Frequently even my business partner answers the phone like “(expletive), what’s happening?” which however friendly it is intended, proves that in my case any-ways an editor must be a perfectionist down to the finest detail (hence the diva part), have a wild imagination (originality), be able to wrap their head around complex narratives (a great storyteller), possess the technical skill and keep up with the newest innovations in technology (nerd) and finally, be an exceptional listener, at the end of the day we are the facilitators to someone else’s dreams which we then realise. But in the case of the latest Paul Blart film it puts that last point in a coffin and buries it deep underground.

I have been editing for nearly 10 years now and my passion grows ever stronger. I completed my degree in Editing and Post Production at Ravensbourne earlier this year and since have worked on two triple A title films on set in the Video Playback department. Granted this isn’t exactly where I want to be, It has given me enormous insight to how films work and I’ve met some fantastic people. More importantly I have a good understanding of how the editing department works.

As an editor I have edited several short films including commissions from my production company (www.lastwordfilms.co.uk) and other external work.

In this blog which will be updated once a week it will cover anything and everything I find interesting. It could be a new emerging technology or a film that has just come out that I want to de construct or maybe just some recent theoretical information I have read that I want to explore in more detail. Furthermore I will be starting a bi weekly project of re-editing for a films trailer and change the target genre of the film to see if it would appeal to a different audience just because of a genre change. To put it simply, in two weeks time I will have edited a version of Ex-Machina (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0470752/?ref_=nv_sr_1) and make it wholly into a Romance film. I will then release it onto my website and see whether choosing and alternative genre to edit the trailer by would get people who otherwise wouldn’t of gone to see the film to go out and watch it. Don’t worry if this is still confusing once the first one is done you will understand what I am doing.

That’s it for this week, but if you would like something additional to sink your teeth into here is my University dissertation! Download Here